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It is our mission at the Holz Center to unify and strengthen the local community by raising awareness, helping children and...

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Let's break the stigma associated with disabilities! If you are a parent, a professional or if you are disabled yourself, we are...

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The Holz Center is a new family resource center in Melbourne. Our main goal is to provide parent to parent support, outreach…

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Holz Center

The Holz Center serves as a community hub for families seeking information about developmental delays or physical challenges. The primary goal of the center is to provide a single-source location for these families to identify the different programs and community resources available in Brevard County, FL and surrounding areas.

Community Resources are assets in a community that help meet certain needs for those around them. These assets can be people, places, and organizations who provide services to county residents. The Holz Center is here to gather that information. The center has been designed to help children and adults, offering a variety of resources for children with diverse special needs, including ADD, mental disabilities and physical disabilities. It will also provide daily on-site therapy for children with developmental delays.

“It will offer a variety of resources for children with any special needs, including ADD, mental disabilities, and physical disabilities. Our goal is to help bring together the Brevard community so that no one feels alone in their struggle.”~ James Holz

Additionally, the center has a large teaching room for a variety of social and community education programs such as parent to parent support groups and training workshops for parents and professionals (non-profits will be allowed to schedule the space for educational purposes). We have a private, adjoining room for trained behavioral and medical professionals to use for evaluation and behavioral diagnosis.

The Holz Center serves as a comprehensive community center that offers:

  • Assistance and resources for those with disabilities
  • On-site evaluations for children with developmental delays
  • An A.B.A. therapy room
  • Viewing room for parents to observe therapy in real time

We strive to help unify and strengthen the community with the end goal of raising awareness, helping children and touching lives. Feel free to stop by, or call to speak with one of our community liaisons so that they may answer your questions.

If you are a service provider and serve special needs individuals please send us your information; we want to be able to help you and those in need.